Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You know you live in Asia when....

...your cold medicine comes in a Hello Kitty bag.'re forced to buy all grocery items in mass quantities since you live with all of your extended family, right?

...this can be spotted on the subway.

...and you can also find enthusiastic men (or just their carts) giving their one-minute sales pitches there.

...there are photo opps such as this.

...and fancy karaoke style singing rooms.

...donkasu served with kimchi is your go-to "fast food."

...the "cream sauce pasta" comes with bean sprouts, cabbage and carrots.

...and this is the children's Christmas Musical, as seen on a field trip last week.

Happy Holidays from Korea!

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  1. I loved your holiday card. I hope you both have a great holiday. Miss you both.
    Love, Nance