Friday, December 9, 2011

Eight Years ♥

I've heard from numerous people that since Ryan and I got married, our wedding day is now the only anniversary we should follow.  But if you ask me, the more anniversaries, the merrier.

Ryan and I met at a party during our freshman year of college.   We talked, we danced, (I may have predicted our future) we exchanged phone numbers, and we kept in touch.  But it wasn't until the following winter when we made our relationship official.  On a cold night in December we finally had "the talk" that became our anniversary.  That was eight years ago.

I regularly post photos here of our most recent adventures, but here are some of my favs from college, taken while we were falling in love and before we ever knew for sure we'd have any anniversary other than December 10th, 2003. 

And it gets better everyday.

Our plan was to head to Seoul this weekend for a winter getaway.  Then Ryan went and got bronchitis, and I'm still fighting a cold... so we postponed that trip.  Instead we plan to have a little stay-cation celebration here in Busan.

Hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

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