Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve + what we've been up to lately

It's Christmas Eve.  How did that happen?
We've been busy playing catch-up all week at school to finish report cards and test grading since all the paperwork for our elementary students will be sent home next week.  We're more than ready for a relaxing holiday weekend.  I can't wait to drink some winter drinks, watch all my favorite Christmas movies, and cozy up with my honey.

But first to update you on what we've been up to lately since I haven't had a chance...

Last weekend our school held a Christmas themed orientation for the students who will attend when the new school year begins in March.  We did a little Jingle Bell Rock Christmas dance, "sold" the kiddies some snacks and practiced English phrases with them.  Would you believe it?  Santa was there.
Dinner that night was delicious Uzbekistani food (and drink).  Random, right?  Well being a major port city, Busan has an Eastern European population and many restaurants for those in the shipping trade.

We also made it to our first Sonic Boom basketball game on Sunday.  
Good times.

Yesterday at school the Christmas fun continued as Santa made another appearance.  
Note the kids' reactions.

Then we gathered together for more dancing.

And later the Korean Santa made an appearance as well.

 ♥ I personally prefer the original Santa ♥
Merry Christmas Eve!

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