Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Homemade Veggie Sushi}

Inspired by gimbap, the quick and easy meal Koreans turn to when on the go, Ryan recently perfected his own homemade rolls.

We gathered the ingredients at our local grocery store and he got to work in the kitchen on tofu, veggies and chicken wrapped in seaweed and rice.

The secret to a perfect roll?  One tablespoon each of sugar and vinegar mixed with a cup of rice to help everything stick.

{rolls pictured: 1. veggies and curried chicken 2. veggies, peanut sauce and tofu}

Last week we enjoyed the fruits of Ryan's labor on the roof of school during lunch.  (The kids have golf class once a week, hence the putting green.)  It happened to be an absolutely perfect day weather-wise, and the food was good too!

We can't wait to try the next batch with the avocados we recently purchased at Costco.  

And that spring weather... can we have some more of that too?

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  1. YUM!! looks delish!! i'm officially inspired to make my own sushi! if you like my blog... i'd love to follow each other! ps: yum!!!

    xo's, Vanessa