Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When I did a recent update on our classes, there was one class I forgot to include.
One that just so happens to be my favorite.

When Ryan moved up in March with two of old his classes, I got to move up with my favorite class from last year as well.  They're three and four years old now, some were two when they started at our school.
Yes, a few of them were in diapers.
Learning English.
As a second language.
I know.

During my parents' trip to Korea they visited my favorite class.
My dad was a little busy being high-fived and getting his face patted, but he managed to snap a few shots of me and the kiddos.

Pretty cute, right?
My favorite thing about this job is that no matter how I feel when coming into work, the moment I enter the classroom and see those adorable faces, I can't help but smile.

 And smiles are good.

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