Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Rainy Tourney

 Two weeks ago we were in the nearby city of Gyeongju.

Ryan's ultimate firsbee team had games all weekend.

Yesterday his team played in the league's spring play-offs.  
You may remember them winning it all in the fall.

In spite of Saturday's rainy weather, we took the one hour bus trip to Gyeongju with his teammates, only to find it was even colder and more rainy at our destination.  Players from all over Korea huddled under the one spot of shelter we could find--a bridge separating the two frisbee fields.  In a word, it was miserable.
We were all missing the weather from the last time we were there.

Here's the view from my seat under the bridge.  The pictures don't begin to show how wet and windy it was.
Here comes Ryan, climbing up to my spot under the bridge!
 Warming up
Game #1

I stuck it out for his first game, then headed back to Busan to dry out at home with many episodes of Grey's Anatomy. 

Unfortunately his team lost their next game and were out of the tournament, but Ryan received an award for most improved player in the league.  It was well deserved.

Congrats to you, honey! 

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