Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend

We had my favorite kind of weekend.  
Gorgeous weather, delicious food and the company of each other and our friends.
Here's a preview.

{A delicious Friday dinner made for me by Ryan}

{Ryan's dinner-made by a bar}

{Side sauces for the burger served in a Rogue six pack carrier.} 

{Homemade Weekend Breakfasts}

{Fishing Festival at the beach on Saturday}

{Laying on the beach-finally!}

{Ryan doing his frisbee thing}

{Ryan feeding his fish}
{Explanation to come later this week}

Hope your weekend was lovely as well. ♥


  1. that homemade breakfast looks DIVINE! and yes, please story on the drunk fish haha!!

  2. Hey there! Love your cute blog! I just added myself to your followers for support and wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous MODCLOTH giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!