Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Korean Wedding: The Ceremony

Two of the first people we became friends with in Korea got married on the first Saturday in June.
He is Korean, she is American; they are adorable.

Their wedding ceremony was held at a temple in the center of Busan.  

It was a truly special day and I have the 198 photos to prove it.  
Here are my favorites.

First glimpse and photo opp with the bride.

View from my sweet balcony spot before the ceremony.

  Guests peeking at the bride in her carriage before the walk (ride) down the aisle.  She was like Cinderella.

Ryan (that handsome first guy on the left) and the other gentleman carrying the bride in to meet her groom.

The ceremony was beautiful.
I loved when the couple each drank from half of a gourd that was later put together as one.  The two also read letters written to each other in both English and Korean.  

Traditional performance.

The groom and friends join in!

Families stand united.

We were so lucky to be a part of such a unique and lovely day!  
Best wishes to the newlyweds on the start of a beautiful new life together.

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