Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend in Seoul: Good Eats & River Cruise

 Summer Saturday evening in Seoul.
{Beers al fresco after a delicious Moroccan dinner}

Sandwiches.  I repeat, sandwiches!  Excuse my excitement, but aside from Quizno's they are hard to come by here, okay?  Notice the magical ingredient: fried mashed potato patties.  Yes, they were as good as they sound, if not better.  And dill pickles?!  We've been fooled my many a sweet pickle at restaurants here.  
No bueno.  
(Okay so they're growing on me... but Ryan is definitely not sold).
The spiced carrot salad and lentil soup were also amazing.  Please go here if you are ever in Seoul.

After we were sufficiently stuffed from dinner (some people had two sandwiches....) we headed for a cruise on the Han River.
Seoul's numerous bridges were all aglow.  It was a treat to see the city from a new perspective. 

 The water show was gorgeous.  I'm just glad we were warned to move out of its way with three seconds to spare before the shower hit the open air deck in the exact spot where we were sitting.

Awww, summer night on the boat.  
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