Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend in Seoul: Samcheon & Insadong

The last time we were in Seoul the temps were in the teens.  We had excellent company, but we were excited to return to the capital when Korea's weather warmed up.  On a recent weekend we took the trip we'd been waiting for.

Saturday morning was spent wandering the streets of Samcheondong, a cute area with cafes, restaurants and shops. 

We even spotted a bit of home :)
We stopped for lunch at one of the neighborhood's oldest Korean restaurants.  We were served sujebi: fresh pasta torn from sheets and stirred into broth with fresh veggies.  We also tried gamjajeon (potato pancake) and ordered maekgolli to accompany our meal.

Dessert was a mini pecan pie and coffee at an adorable cafe.  For the first time we asked ourselves, Why don't we live in Seoul?  We couldn't get enough of the unique eateries and adorable shops.  After jamming into packed subway cars and waiting in long lines nearly everywhere we wherever we went, we remembered why.  We loved the pie though.

We toured Korea's National Folk Museum and its grounds in the afternoon.

Later we walked the streets of Insadong, our favorite Seoul neighborhood.

And we stopped to eat more delicious food.

There was (a little) more to our trip than eating, I promise.  
Stay tuned.


  1. oh my! I may have to live in Seoul just for the food! Everything looks amazing!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. I lived in Seoul for 6 years and your posts make everything look amazing! (Although I do prefer Busan)