Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Funday

Adding an extra day to a weekend feels pretty good.  Mondays and Fridays off practically beg for a long weekend getaway.  We haven't had many of these, as Korea's national holidays seem to fall just as often on Wednesdays this year.  On such an occasion we recently decided to take a day trip and be tourists in our own city.

Although it's part of Busan, Taejongdae is actually an island, connected to the mainland by bridge.  We had a perfect day strolling through the park, cruising on the ocean, walking along a pebble beach, and eating fresh grilled clams we selected ourselves.


Oh and we found these adorable furry friends (rare as most people live in apartments here and have teeny dogs) on our way back to the bridge.


An outstanding Wednesday in my book. :)

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