Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oktoberfest Send-Off

Last weekend we had Korean shabu-shabu for dinner.  

For this meal meat or seafood is tossed into a large pot on the table along with veggies, rice cakes and tofu.  More fresh veggies accompany the meal as do rice papers to wrap it all up and sauce to top it all off.  
So good!

 Later that night we had drinks at Busan's best brewery, the same place we had our first going away party in 2011.
We spent hours that evening laughing with friends, saying goodbye and celebrating Oktoberfest, Korean style.

Ryan and his new friend were politely asked to get down from their place on the table...
Such a fun night out.  


This weekend our time has been consumed with our kindergarten's drama festival.  
 Pictures to come!  

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload :)

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