Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jeju Island Part II: Mt. Halla

Ryan hiked Korea’s tallest mountain, a dormant volcano, on our second day in Jeju.  He woke up early and boarded the first bus to Seongpanak trail, a path leading to the top of the mountain.  General guidelines state it's nine hours round trip for this trail.  Of course, Ryan did it in five.
As he set out, Ryan enjoyed seeing other hikers along the trail.  Koreans have a true passion for hiking and he shares their enthusiasm for nature and outdoor pursuits.
In turn they wondered what was wrong with his feet.

It was interesting for him to observe his surroundings in a personal way, as it was his first long solo hike, although he did meet a few friends along the way.  One fellow hiker spent a few years living in our very own Portland.   
It certainly is a small world.
Changing variations of flora caught Ryan's eye as he changed elevation.  His temperature lowered as his altitude rose and he welcomed the break from sweating at sea level.  The humidity on the island was ridiculous.


A single track railroad paralleling the trail for moving goods to the top.
Almost there! 
At the top!

Back at the bottom.

Look who he found for a midday hike around the area. :)

In the evening we cleaned off and relaxed at a jimjilbang in Jeju City and indulged in the best Indian restaurant we've been to yet.  The food, service and atmosphere at Bagdad Cafe are impossible to beat.

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