Thursday, September 13, 2012

That time we decorated "cupcakes"

It's uncommon for Koreans to have large ovens, which is why bakeries line busy streets all over the country.
I have a running joke with Ryan that my day isn't complete until I see someone carrying a boxed to-go cake.  For awhile this was practically an everyday sighting.

Some bakeries are obviously better than others, but unfortunately most cakes here are usually dry, and savory pastries are often sprinkled with sugar.  Double fail.
  I've been burned before with sweet "garlic" bread.  Sweet pickles on the other hand, (always served on the side with pizza but obviously not a baked good) have grown on me. 
But back to the baked goods.  

On a rainy afternoon during Erin's time in Busan we spent a few hours decorating cupcakes.  Ok so they were actually muffins... but still.

We chose our frosting colors and tips, then looked over the various additions to top off our designs.

Needless to say, the place was adorable.  
 Around us couples decorated cakes marking dating anniversaries and families created others for birthdays.

We laughed a lot at beautiful cupcake attempts gone wrong.
Blooper photo #76.
And made some pretty ones as well.

Remember this country's obsession with ddong?
When I saw this topper I knew I had to make Ryan his very own custom cupcake, chocolate of course. 

It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.
I will be dreaming of funfetti cupcakes until I return to the states.  
No one could confuse those with a muffin... but ours are much prettier.


  1. There are two things I am obsessed with - blogs and cupcakes! On that note, I am so excited that you have a blog about Busan, and secondly, I HAVE TO GO TO THIS CUPCAKE PLACE! Please tell me where it is!

  2. I am the above Jill's friend and I will vouch for the fact that she is being totally honest about her obsession....really.... And I would also LOVE to go here! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with girlfriends!

  3. :) It's such a fun place. It's in PNU. From the subway go out exit 3 and go straight. Take a right at the Olive Young store. It's on the left halfway down that block on the second floor under Thirsty Moose. There is a green sign but I can't remember the name of the place. Have fun!