Monday, September 17, 2012

From Seafood to Socks

Jagalchi Fish Market is quite the place.
A few weeks after our initial arrival in Korea our co-workers took us there to experience it.  
We did the same for Erin when she was here, minus the meal of live octopus.  I think she was grateful for that.

Opposite the indoor market is a long stretch of booths with vendors peddling their goods.

Ryan did his Sunday night frisbee thing as Erin and I continued the evening strolling though the nearby Gukje Market.  
The seemingly never-ending alleys are packed with clothes, shoes, electronics and accessories.  You name it, they've got it.  
Just don't name limes.
Among the shiny things we spotted this winning tee. 
You can't make this stuff up.

I passed on the shirt, but couldn't resist matching socks for Ryan and me to honor the song of the summer.
Can't you just hear it in your head?

Erin and I spent her last night in Busan watching our favorite '90s movie.  
It was just the same as it was when we were twelve, except we were in my apartment in South Korea and ten minutes into the movie my husband came home.
Ah I miss my bestie.

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