Thursday, February 21, 2013

Foster Puppy Update

The only pets I had as a child were guinea pigs.  I always wanted a cat or a dog but could never quite convince my parents.  After two weeks with this girl, I'm certain having a dog was worth the wait.
You may remember Reina, the little pup we agreed to foster on a recent trip to the Humane Society.  The plan was that she would be ours for two weeks or until she was adopted.
Once it became clear that I was set on fostering her, Ryan made me take an oath stating that I would be the dog's "primary caregiver."  I took that oath seriously and have doted on the sweet puppy like it's my job because well, it is.

For awhile Ryan and I seriously contemplated adopting Reina, but for various reasons we know that right now there are too many unknowns in our lives to take on that responsibility.  
Luckily a friend of Ryan's mom's has agreed to adopt her.  Sarah will take the puppy to her in Eugene when she visits next month and we'll look after Reina until we leave Cozumel.
We're so happy Reina has a good home and have so enjoyed the practice she's given us as puppy (someday baby) parents.  
Did I mention she likes to get up between 4:30 and 5:30 am most mornings?  
When I sleepily pick her up out of the tub where she sleeps, she immediately coats my neck with kisses and I forget that I'm exhausted.  
Until 2:00 pm rolls around.  
And then we nap. :)  

Photos of Reina on her first walk yesterday, post-vaccines and ready to explore while Ryan cleaned his latest catch.

How you could you not love this girl?

And the fisherman is pretty lovable too!


  1. Reina is ADORABLE! I'm glad you guys found her a forever home... and I am shocked at how many fish Ryan caught! FREE dinner for a whole week! :)

  2. Aww, Reina is so adorable!

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