Monday, February 25, 2013


+Belated Valentine's Day celebration
{Beach chairs, beers, and books.}

+The Amazing Cozumel Race
{Pretty much just like the show.
Yep, we won!} 

+Enjoying more almuerzo
{Because there won't be jamaica, avocado salsa verde, tortillas and limes served at lunch back in the states.
Ok I just teared up a little.}

+Sorting through the hundreds of photos from the visit my mom made to Mexico.
{More posts about our adventures in Cozumel and in the Yucatan soon!}

+Margarita date night to end the week
{Drinks that require a spoon plus queso fundido and live music.} 

+Booking long overdue tickets to New Jersey and New York 
{We can't wait to see my sister, her family, and the city!}

 Appreciating every moment on this beautiful island with Ryan's family
{Because our time here is running out.}

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