Sunday, February 24, 2013

Las Palmeras!

Ladies Night has been a part of Cozumel's Carnaval for more than twenty five years.  During this pre-Carnaval event women form groups and make (or order) the costumes which are mandatory for the big night.  Some groups spend weeks rehearsing dance routines.  Our group spent weeks making our palm tree costumes by hand.  We shopped for fabric, sequins, decorations, and glitter.  Lots and lots of glitter!

Ryan was given the task of making forms for our hats.  

And the ladies (my mother in law and two of her friends plus me) worked on the rest.  We cut sparkly foam into the shape of palm leaves, put wire through each one...
...and  glued colorful tape on each to cover the wire.

Coconuts were cut, fronds were created, and accessories were purchased.

I worked on glittering (if that's a word) the burlap trunks that we'd previously gotten wet, scrunched, sewn and sequined.

On the big night, we got ready as a group.  The event fell on Dana's last night in town, meaning she got to be part of all the fun!

And finally made our debut as palm trees!
Then we climbed in the back of a truck, Mexico style and made our way to the show.

Once inside, we had a great time checking out the creative costumes and taking in the performances.

Two of our girls strutted their stuff to show off our costumes.
We ended up taking third place!

The trophy happened to be an anchor so the Delta Gammas had to show the DG love.

The night wrapped up with all the ladies on the dance floor, including Raggedy Ann and Medusa.

It was so much fun to take part in such a unique event.
Thanks Sarahmom for including us :)

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  1. OMG! You guys look amazing Norah! I can't believe you all MADE your costumes, and that makeup - WOW! Looked like an awesome night!