Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Ladies (and Gentleman) Who Lunch

One of the things Ryan and I loved most about living in Korea was being immersed in its culture.  The customs, history and modern life in Asia are different from American culture in many ways.  Take for example, mealtimes.  Dinner in Korea is often enjoyed at a long table full of colleagues, friends or extended family.  Main courses like barbecued pork or beef are shared, as are small side dishes containing kimchi, veggies, tofu and noodles.  Beer and soju are passed around and Gambe (Cheers!) is heard all around.  The atmosphere at dinner is noisy, fun and relaxed.

Here in Mexico, almuerzo (lunch in Spanish) is the biggest meal of the day.  Smaller meals are eaten at breakfast and dinner, with lunch being the main event.

Juice is served at each table in restaurants, along with fresh tortilla chips and spicy green salsa.  
Beware, this stuff is hot!

Soup is always served as a starter.  The main course is usually meat, served with two sides.  The sides could be a combination of rice, beans, vegetables or potatoes.  Hot corn tortillas also accompany the meal.
And for the vegetarians: veggie souffle with chayote / chili rellenos / cheesy verde enchiladas served with black bean soup.

Dessert is usually offered, but I have no idea how anyone would have the room!  A post-almuerzo siesta is common, and many businesses take a midday break and reopen in the evening. 

Can't wait for tomorrow's lunch :)  
And... I couldn't be more excited because my mom has arrived in Mexico and is on her way to the island to spend a week with us!

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  1. Wow! Almuerzo sounds fantastic! It makes so much sense to have your biggest meal in the middle of the day instead of at night, right?! For the record, those are some of the hugest portions of food I've seen in years! How are you staying so darn skinny?