Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating 27

Last week I gave our mutual students time to make Ryan birthday cards.  The kids got a big kick out of keeping the secret and surprising the "handsome" and "silly" (their words) Ryan Teacher on the big day.

Our supervisor also surprised him with a delicious blueberry cheesecake.

That night we had an amazing dinner at beachside Indian restaurant, Namaste.  

The food was delicious, and since we ordered course meals, it just seemed to keep coming.
Mango Lassi
Seafood Salad
Tandoori Sampler
Palak Paneer
Coconut Lamb Curry
Garlic Naan
Saffron Rice
Dessert was a cookies and cream cheesecake and strawberry tarts.

The restaurant's sweet owner gave Ryan a hand towel as a birthday gift.  It came inside this box, and I felt the quote printed on it was especially fitting for the occasion.

After dinner we headed to a nearby Irish pub, where the dessert continued with beer and hard cider.  Cheers!

Saturday night we celebrated again by bowling with friends.  

Ryan did well as usual. 

I did terribly as usual.  But I did get a strike at one point!

Dinner was Ryan’s favorite, do it yourself barbecued meat, wrapped in lettuce leaves and topped with garlic and soybean paste.

What fun. :)

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