Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello Kimchi

"Hello Kimchi" opened recently, boasting Busan’s best Mexican food.  Naturally we decided to check it out.

Ryan and I wandered around for a few minutes trying to find the place.  Finally we spotted the restaurant's bright yellow banner on the second floor of a large building.  In Korea, the number of businesses occupying higher floors matches the number found at street level.  When in doubt, we've learned to look up.

After entering the small and dimly lit room, we were seated at a cozy table next to the “game area.”  It was complete with a dart board , poker chips and various versions of Jenga.

I took the booth seat, and Ryan sat down in the 60’s style leather chair across from me.  Not a minute later he jumped up in alarm, as the chair lost a screw and was sent crashing to the ground.  Our menus arrived.  So did a new chair. 

Hello Kimchi proudly serves Korean and Mexican fusion, with everything from steak fajitas to kimchi burritos on their extensive menu.  Many traditional Korean staples are also available alongside the standard Mexican options.  It’s a unique concept that seems to have served them well since their opening a few months ago.  The place was packed.

We started out with cocktails: Strawberry Maekgeolli and of course a Margarita.

Next came tortilla chips and salsa, something that vaguely resembled guacamole, and our main courses.  I had a veggie burrito served with rice and a small salad.  Despite the unexpected mushrooms, I thought it was very good.  And cheap!  Ryan started with a burrito as well, followed by two “soft tacos.”

Another round of margaritas for dessert and we were happy campers.  Goodbye Kimchi! 
¡Hasta Luego!

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  1. Korean tacos are a big thing in NYC! Haven't tried one yet though.