Friday, January 7, 2011

A Green Spoon Among Chopsticks

Our neighborhood is very centrally located.  Fifteen minutes in any direction will get you downtown, to a major mall, or to the beautiful beach.  Costco is a mere five minutes by taxi (Hello Tillamook cheese!) and there are many small grocery stores within walking distance.  Korean restaurants line every street, and Ryan and I frequently grab a meal at one or the other during our fifty-minute lunch break during the week.  McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins, a decent cheap pizza joint, and a yummy Vietnamese place are all a short walk away.  Other than that the area seriously lacks any kind of foreign food.  Thanks to a co-worker however, we recently discovered a hidden gem right here in our neighborhood.

Housed within a former residence down a quiet side street, Green Spoon has proved to be the most delicious Italian food we’ve tried since being here.  Upon entering the quaint and cozy house and removing your shoes, the gregarious female owner sets colorful slippers on the floor for you, bobbing her head in welcome and inviting you to make yourself at home during your meal.  The decor is modern and tasteful, the music is soft but present.  Once at your table, you'll find it complete with polished rocks atop crisp white napkins, complemented by simple yet elegant place settings.  Open the spiral bound menu and you’ll find that the humor in the titles of each food category can’t be missed. 

An additional beverage menu lists house red or white wine as a mere 5,000 won per glass, equal to about $4.50.  Each entrée is accompanied by two preceding courses, such as fresh soup and a gourmet appetizer.  Salad is additional and delicious!

Black Bean Soup

Baguette with fruit, cheese and vegetables

Seafood Cream Pasta

Sweet dessert, tea or coffee follows the meal at no extra charge.  The gracious staff has also given us complimentary cheese and roasted peanuts each time we've visited.  These accompany the standard Korean side dishes (pickled radish and sweet pickles).  

Everything we’ve tried since discovering Green Spoon has been delicious. 

After showing up two Friday nights in a row, the friendly owner invited us to attend a private dinner held the week before Christmas.  

At said dinner, in the company of only eight other guests, we were treated to a multi-course meal which included champagne as an aperitif and fresh coffee to cleanse the palate after the meal.

Clam Chowder with tteok

Bulgogi Ravioli in sweet potato cream sauce

Lemon and Basil Mojitos- said to bring good luck in the new year

Fish Filet

Ryan lucked out eating with two vegetarians.  We offered him seconds and thirds on all the meat dishes.  However I had no trouble finishing all of my own dessert!
Rice Gelato

It’s so nice to come across a convenient restaurant with a combination of fresh and delicious gourmet food, paired with excellent service.  Cheers to Green Spoon.  We'll see you again soon.

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  1. I know what you're really going to do when you come home:
    move to New York and become a food writer.
    Well done!