Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Husband

Rewind seven years to your twentieth birthday.  I still remember running out to your Explorer while it waited patiently for me outside Delta Gamma.

Before heading for dinner at Beppe and Gianni’s, you presented me with pink flowers, even though it was your birthday!  Always a romantic and full of surprises, it was completely in keeping with your character.

At the time, who could have known that someday we'd be where we are now.  Between that day and this one we’ve shared joys and sorrows; kisses and laughs.  We've traveled through five countries together, fallen in love, gotten married, and found in each other a supportive and thoughtful best friend.  Before the next seven years pass, there will undoubtedly be good times, laughter, love, and the creation of more new memories than we can even imagine.  Happy Birthday honey, I can't wait to spend your next seventy birthdays together.  


Looking forward to the future!

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