Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Laos in Pictures: Don Det (aka paradise)

Of all the countries we've visited, Ryan and I both agree that Laos was our favorite.  We quickly fell in love with the food, the people, and the stunning natural and historic scenery.  The island of Don Det was our first destination in Laos.  We planned on staying for a night or two.  Five nights later we went north.  If you want a reminder reread this original post about Don Det, then take a look at our favorite pics from the charming island.

{bus to the dock}

{the mainland in Laos}

{first sunset from the boat}

{our bungalow}

{iced coffee on the left, coconut honey shake on the right}

{geckos on a string}

{most of the TP in SE Asia was pink}

{sweet & sour and pad thai}

{making a sugarcane drink}

{super sweet sugarcane drink}

{Ryan's favorite: green curry with sticky rice}

{my favorite: pad thai}

Sadly we had to move on to our next stop.  Along the way we came across these snacks for sale...

You can find the rest of our pics from Don Det here!

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