Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thailand in Pictures: Bangkok Part 2

Relaxed and rejuvenated after Koh Thao, we headed back to Bangkok for the final chapter of our year abroad.  We did some shopping at the massive weekend market, took a Thai cooking class, and walked along the waterfront.  Of course we savored our last tastes of pad thai and curry.  And finally we headed home.

Weekend Market...

{coconut ice cream}

{papaya salad makings}
{papaya salad}

{Thai iced tea. Yummm!}

{Angkor statues for sale...} 
{Siamese cat for sale}
{food for sale}
{Pad Thai} 

{green curry} 
{Phad See Ew}

Cooking Class...
{shopping for ingredients}

{soon to be green curry}

{tom yam soup makings}

{pad thai makings}

{dessert-pumpkin in coconut milk}

{tuk-tuk driver}

Bangkok Airport.  Time to go home!

{ lots of leg room for the 11 hour flight :-) }

 We had a fabulous trip and will undoubtedly never forget it.  See the rest of our Bangkok pics here.

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