Friday, June 3, 2011

Thailand in Pictures: Koh Thao

Prior to the two weeks in Thailand, we had gone on nearly every walking tour our guidebooks recommended, immersed ourselves in local culture, and visited more temples than we could count.  It was time for some relaxation.  The southern island of Koh Thao was our answer.  There we took in amazing sunsets and shows, sunbathed on the beach and (Ryan) dived in the sea.  We also ate delicious local food and celebrated Thai New Year, in all its water festival glory.  In short, we loved Koh Thao.  Remember?

{Massaman curry and pad thai on the beach}

{"You always get to do fun things with your hair...." --Ryan}

{let the water festival begin!}

{amazing fire show!}

{cabaret show}
{a duet...}

The live show ;)

Look here for the rest of our Turtle Island photos and visit Koh Thao someday!

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