Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Dana and I met as freshman in college.  We bumped into each other during sorority rush, not knowing at the time we shared the same dorm hall and would eventually both join Delta Gamma.  Over the last nine years we've had our share of college fun, inside jokes, girls' nights, new homes, new jobs, and the ups and downs that come with life and friendship.

Before she ties the knot in late July, it's up to me as Dana's matron of honor to ensure she is sent off to married life in style.  We've always had a blast in Las Vegas....
... So tomorrow I'll be joining Dana for her bachelorette party there with ten of our closest friends.  I see sunshine, cocktails, slots and good times in our future.  See ya soon Vegas!


  1. Just got back from a Vegas trip a couple weeks ago and it was the best! Have so much fun!

  2. So, funny story. I clicked on your husband's fb because I saw it on my friend Brock's page and I was looking at his pics for some reason and then totally recognized you from seeing your blog yesterday! Haha. Crazy what a small world it is! :)