Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Mom and Dad in Korea: Part Four}

Last Sunday we took my parents to Hugsiru, a traditional Korean restaurant.  We had arrived early for our reservation, so we ambled around the neighborhood a bit.  It was the first time I've seen new architecture being constructed in an old style.
At noon we were led to our clay hut within the maze of the restaurant's courtyard.  We took our seats on the floor atop a heated mat.
 We ordered a large pumpkin stuffed with roasted duck and sat back while the side dishes and drinks were delivered on our long table.

After we'd sufficiently stuffed ourselves, we made our way to Yonggungsa, also known as The Temple By the Sea.

Vendors selling fresh waffles and roasted chestnuts lined the entrance to the temple and made way for the twelve zodiac statues.
Mom, the Dragon
Dad, the monkey
Around the corner for a first glimpse of the temple
Dad, Me, Mom
Make a wish and throw a coin from the bridge into a bowl

We finished the afternoon with cocoa at a beach-side coffee shop.  It was a great end to another wonderful day with mom and dad.

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