Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Mom and Dad in Korea: Part Two}

Last Tuesday I met my parents' train from Seoul into Busan.  Our first stop was the glitzy Hotel Diamond, perhaps better known for its downstairs nightclub, "Arabian Nights."  

In my defense, I chose the Vegas-style accommodation based on its proximity to our apartment (less than a ten minute walk) and hoped my parents would embrace the gaudiness.  They had no problems with it, besides that their room was a balmy 85 degrees and the hotel staff couldn't quite get the message that they wanted their heat OFF.  Cue help from a  Korean co-worker, and problem solved.

I took off work for my parents' first couple of days here and played tour guide, showing them Nampo-dong, home to Busan's traditional market and the infamous fish market where Ryan and I once ate "live" octopus.  We discovered a second outdoor fish market which paralleled the ocean, with numerous vendors displaying the day's catch on ice and in tanks.

Our midday snack was fried vegetables and shrimp at a charming food stand.
 The three of us stopped to warm up from the icy ocean wind to sip hot cocoa, a daily tradition my parents had started in Seoul.  We later met Ryan for dinner at our all-time favorite Korean restaurant for some spicy, cheesy rice.

The following day was spent at the United Nations Cemetary and The Busan Museum to soak up some history.
Dinner that night was steamed tofu with kimchi and delicious green onion and carrot pancakes at a bustling University hang-out.

Over the weekend the four of us traveled to Korea's old capitol.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I have been waiting for these posts!!!! Looks like you guys had a good time. Though Dad, do you look a little tired? I can't imagine why?!