Monday, February 13, 2012

{Mom and Dad in Korea: Part Three}

Gyeongju is Korea's ancient capitol.  It's my favorite place we've been to in the country due to its history and inherent beauty.  Naturally we decided to share the lovely city with my parents as part of their visit.  

Gyeongju looked and felt much different from the last time Ryan and I were there, but we still had a wonderful day despite the winter cold.  I especially relished the company.  Having my parents experience some of the memories I've made here with Ryan brought me so much happiness.

These rock formations are made to create wishes by temple visitors

Ancient tombs of kings from Korea's past in the distance

 Last stop: Japanese dinner

Later that night we were back in Busan to spend Sunday in the country and on the coast.
Still more to come... :)

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