Friday, February 10, 2012

{Mom and Dad in Korea: Part One}

Two weeks ago today, Ryan and I made our way to Seoul.  

What made this trip different from others is that two very special people were waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel.  My parents!  It didn't seem real when we first saw them there in the lobby.  I haven't been that happy in a long time.

We spent our Saturday in Korea's capitol visiting the ancient Gyeongbokgung Palace.

In the afternoon we had the privilege of catching a traditional Korean performance.  It featured an amazing variety of captivating music and folk dances.
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We wandered around even more neighborhoods that evening, stumbling upon a maze of run-down old houses and a neon-lit street dedicated entirely to restaurants offering the beloved Korean snack of tteokbokki.

The next morning we strolled along the quaint streets of Samcheong, a lovely neighborhood my dad discovered while reading about Seoul.  The area is home to  countless art galleries, cafes, boutiques and a beautiful temple.  Good find, dad!

Later we explored nearby Bukcheon, one of the few neighborhoods in Seoul which remains mostly unchanged by modernity. 

Next we introduced my parents to our favorite Korean lunch and the most delicious winter dessert.  Oh, I didn't mention that it was freezing? It was. I'm talking weather in the teens.  Yikes! 
  In the afternoon we took a tour of Insadong before Ryan and I said goodbye and headed back to Busan.

Mom and Dad stayed in Seoul to tour the DMZ, explore the bustling center of Seoul and visit Korea's most famous market.  
I met them at the train station in Busan last Tuesday to begin their week-long visit in our home away from home.  
Details on the rest of our time together soon!

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