Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winning Weekend

On Saturday we boarded another train to Daegu, where Ryan's Ultimate Frisbee team (Busan Heat) was set to take part in the league's play-off games.

Train Chess
 Gorgeous autumn leaves and sunshine in Daegu
Honey Shop with delicious honey tea

When it was time for them to play, the Heat won their first game, allowing them to advance in the bracket.

This put them in a match-up with Busan's second Ultimate team, made up of Ryan's friends and teammates from weekend frisbee pick-up games.
Representing for Busan!
And the Heat won.

In another extremely close match, Ryan's team won their third game too.

The last game they played was for the championship.

In that game, where every point scored by one team was immediately matched by the other, the Heat beat the Uprising, in overtime.

They celebrated an incredible day and their title of Champions.
Championship game players
The winning team! Go Heat!

Me and the champion :)

Exhausted, we headed home to rest up for the college football game of the year, Oregon vs. Stanford.

And what a game it was.  

 I'm so jealous that all my college roomies were together at Stanford for the game.  
I really miss these faces.  (Pictured here, minus Maegan in 2009 at Autzen.)

There's always next year!

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