Sunday, December 12, 2010

A case of the Mondays

Today is definitely Monday. 

The weekend didn’t seem quite long enough (does it ever?) and we woke up late to a gray, drizzly morning.  Having slept through the alarm, there was no longer time to hit the gym together and then leisurely get ready for school after an energizing work out.  Instead we rushed around to eat, shower and get dressed in less than twenty minutes.  We left the apartment like bats out of hell, running to the elevator and willing it to hurry to the first floor once we were in.  As she always does, our sweet neighbor attempted friendly conversation on the way down.  She spoke slowly and loudly as if that might help us understand Korean.  It didn’t.

Breaking into a steady jog, I looked down to shield my face from the rain and was shocked when I saw my feet. 
“Ryan!”  I squealed, “I’m wearing two different shoes!”

I wish I was kidding.  In my haste to grab the first pair from the shoe cubby near the front door, I hadn’t grabbed a pair of shoes at all.  In fact, one was black and one was brown.

Ryan immediately dissolved into laughter and although I was mortified, I had to laugh too.  I’ve never been so happy (or so quick) to remove my shoes at our school’s door and don my slippers. 

Oh, Monday.

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