Friday, December 3, 2010

The (not so) Civil War

There are so many things to love about Duck football.

We love the crowded stands, where touchdowns warrant high fives from strangers who become friends, where yelling matches with visitors are likely to break out at any time, and where on the way to the bathroom you’re bound to run into at least five people you know. 

To us tailgating at Autzen is almost as much fun as the game itself.  We especially love the first home game of the season, where the Oregon sun still shines and everyone reunites to welcome the beginning of fall and a new season of football.  Last year Ryan grilled fresh salmon that he caught himself, and we toasted with green and yellow jello shots.

Halftime is usually spent at the Moshofsky Center, waiting in line too long for overpriced beer and garlic fries, relishing the chance to get out of the rain and catch up with old friends.

Ryan and I attended every home game in 2009 and haven’t missed more than a few games in previous years.  I attended my first Civil War as a freshman, and the excitement of the century old rivalry had me hooked from that day on.  Unfortunately pictures from the first two years weren't captured digitally, but here are a few from later years to help remember past Civil Wars.


The Ducks are going to the ROSE BOWL!
Since 2002, I’ve only missed attending one Civil War and I can’t believe I’ll be missing it this year.  In case you’ve been under a college football rock, the Ducks are undefeated this season, and are currently ranked #2 (previously #1) in the nation.  When they beat the Beavers this weekend, they will undoubtedly earn a spot in the BCS National Championship game.

We’ve done a lot to see our Ducks play from the other side of the world.  Not only have we stayed up until 4:30 am for the season opening kick off, we've cleared every Sunday morning for football, have searched the internet endlessly for live broadcasts, and even had my parents set up a TV facing their computer so we could watch a game via skype rather than miss it.

While we’re extremely disappointed we won’t be at Saturday's Civil War, we'll be cheering on the Ducks as loudly as possible from Korea.  

Did I mention the game is on at 5:30 am?  Yikes.
No matter.  We’ll be awake and we’ll be watching.  Let’s Go Ducks!

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