Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa in Korea

Santa made an appearance at our school on Thursday.  In fact there were two Santas, dressed head to toe in red, and complete with wide black belts, full puffy white beards and jolly voices.  The Santas “ho ho hoed,” encouraging each awestruck child to come to the front of the gym where we had gathered.  One by one each student came forward to receive a present, personally chosen by the Santas (and initially by the children's parents) from their velvety red sacks of gifts.

Many of the six year old children were skeptical, proclaiming, “That’s not Santa, that’s Ryan Teacher!” and, “That can’t be Santa, Santa is Korean.”  The four year olds didn’t quite know what to think, the youngest looking at me curiously when “Santa” called her name. 

Believers or not, when it was their turn, each child accepted their gift and posed for the obligatory photo.

Even I got a chance to cozy up to the handsome Mr. Clause.

Following the gift giving, students and teachers made (far too complex) Christmas cards to present to their families over the holiday weekend.

Then it was on to a lovely four-day weekend with my Santa.  More on that to come!

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