Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Cozy Korean Christmas

The normal hustle and bustle of Christmas was noticeably absent this year.  Rather than my usual tradition of waiting until the last minute, presents were wrapped and boxes were sent before December began.  We allowed plenty of time for some gifts to arrive before Hannukah’s end, and ensure that others would find their way under our friends' and family's Christmas trees well before the big day. 

If we were back home, we'd have started Christmas Eve by meticulously painting my mom's cookies using egg yolks dyed with food coloring.

Later we’d head to my grandparents’ family packed houseboat for an authentic Swedish Smorgasboard.  The menu would include Crab Aspic, Pickled Herring, Lime Jello Salad and too many other odd dishes to name and explain.

On Christmas Day we’d fill up on brunch back at the houseboat.  After that we'd open gifts around the large Christmas tree and set off for Eugene by late morning to spend the night with Ryan’s family.  Once there we'd enjoy prime rib dinner, good conversation, and the opportunity to dote on their adorable yellow lab puppy.

Obviously this Christmas was different.  Without the familiar gray and rainy skies of winter in Oregon, it was hard to believe it was truly Christmas when the day actually arrived.  We awoke early to find sunshine leaking through our sliding doors and into our living room.  We opened our gifts and toasted the holiday with mimosas.  Later it was on to Bailey's spiked coffee.  Why not, it was Christmas!

We skyped with each of our parents in their respective cities, waving hello and wishing them a Merry Christmas all the way from Asia.

Brunch was made together, consisting of creamy scalloped potatoes, roasted garlic veggie salad, tomato bruschetta, delicious deviled eggs, a savory cheeseball and sliced ham.

As the afternoon turned to evening we watched seemingly endless Christmas movies and savored our holiday.  We finished the night with my personal favorite, sipping homemade Glogg and eating way too much dessert.  There was a nap somewhere in there too.

Although we miss our very family and friends very much, we again were reminded that (corny as it sounds) home is where the heart is.

We wish you a belated Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love the new winter-xmas illuminated tree photo.
    Really pretty. Your pre-xmas trip to Boseong was really
    fun to read about. Photos as usual great!!
    Good job, guys.