Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movies and Munchies, Minus the Man

Last weekend Ryan took a trip to Daejeon, a quiet city north of Busan.  A college friend of his coincidentally teaches English there.  Since Brian had made the trip to Busan in June, Ryan felt it was time to return the favor.  The two of us haven't spent even one night apart since our move.  It was strange being the only one in the apartment.  For the first time ever it felt large.

I spent Friday night relaxing at home.  On Saturday, a co-worker and two other girls joined me for a Christmas movie night.  As the hilarious movies Elf and A Christmas Story played, we snacked on an amazing spread of feta, blue cheese, green olives, cherry tomatoes, pears, pineapple, mushroom pate and a freshly sliced baguette.  As is traditional in my family around Christmas, we made a variation of Glogg, a delicious blend of red wine mulled with fruit, nuts and spices.  Homemade oatmeal maple cookies and delicious melt in your mouth buckeyes made the perfect dessert.  Now you understand why I was regretful about missing the gym on Monday.  Calorie content aside, it was a real treat to have some girl time. 

Although my weekend was a good one, I was very happy on Sunday night when Ryan came through the door.  He shared his own weekend, regaling me with stories of his interesting train ride, Wii bonging (renting a room to play Wii accompanied by snacks and drinks) and the quiet city that is Daejeon.

Since Ryan missed out on them, I’ll make more Glogg and attempt to bake cookies in our small toaster oven soon.  After all, ‘tis the season!

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