Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom and I have relatively different interests.  She prefers sewing to shopping, and would rather garden than scrapbook.  Mom is happy to spend time hiking and camping outdoors, while I enjoy those things in (extreme) moderation.

There are a number of things we both love, including reading, baking (I like the idea more than the activity…) summertime, gourmet Mexican food, fresh fruit, and drinking margaritas in the sunshine (although unlike me, she would slather on the sunscreen as she sipped).

Countless memories come to mind when I think of my mom.  When I was sick as a child, she’d rest her cool hands on my forehead and sing softly until I was lulled to sleep.  She took me to the library religiously, instilling in me a love of books.  Every summer Mom and I would head to Sauvie Island for berry picking; chatting side-by-side as we filled buckets with strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.  When I spent a week at camp, she sent letters there even before I left, ensuring that one would arrive on my very first day away.  Later during the hectic but fun year that I planned my wedding, she was there for every step.  From the fun things like wedding dress selection and invitations, down to the less glamorous furniture and tent rentals.  Without her, I’d have been a mess.  

Mom possesses a strong work ethic and the ability to calmly find a logical solution to nearly every problem (with the exception of how to use twenty first century technology).  No matter how busy she ever was with work or other commitments, she insisted on "four hugs a day," and she always found time to cut up fruit and leave it very obviously next to my vitamins at the kitchen table.  Even when I was in graduate school.

Of course Mom and I have had our share of disagreements over the years.  During my adolescence I often reminded her that she “wasn’t the boss of me” (when in fact she was) and was quick to shout, “I can do whatever I want!”  

Oh karma, if you exist I’m in serious trouble when it comes to my own children.  

Luckily for me I've had an incredible role model.

Mom, I love you.  Have a wonderful birthday.

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