Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The beginning of work and my new motto

My first official work week got off to an interesting start.  I'm still getting used to where the classrooms are, when I need to be in which one, and what I'll teach when I get there.  Trying to remember the names of every student in twelve different classes is about as easy as it sounds.  Picking up where the last teacher left off in the same amount of textbooks has also been a challenge, especially since everyone paces and organizes things differently.  I could continue the pity party.... but I won't.

Meanwhile Ryan was thrown into the head native teacher position this week, so he has also had to adjust to a new set of expectations and obligations.  Not only that, but after asking to change to a (slightly) larger apartment within our building that has a better view, we were given the ok, and asked to move by tomorrow.  Things have been a little hectic around here to say the least.  However, today was better than yesterday (for the most part), and tomorrow will be better than today.  

The good news is, we have a 3-day weekend right around the corner!  Until then, note my new motto.
I'm also very thankful for wine and mindless TV shows at the end of a long day.  And it's a good thing I found these in the foreign food section last week.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a good day!

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  1. i love your new motto. peanut butter is the best. do you like peanut butter M&M's? once you get hooked on those it's a slippery slope! :) good luck at work this week, norah!