Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Vacation Weekend

Things have been pretty boring for me around here (I shouldn't complain, I've been working out, reading books, organizing our apartment and taking naps... not too shabby) with Ryan at work, so it was nice to have four days off with him for the Chuseok holiday.  

Over the weekend we revisited one of our favorite Korean restaurants, spent a night out with new co-workers, and an evening catching up with old ones.  We watched the rain pour down for two straight days from the windows of our cozy (another word for small) apartment and entertained ourselves with TV shows and movies, including this must-see.  When the sun decided to shine again we headed to the beach for the next two days, where we relaxed and swam before fall creeps up on us all too soon.

Korean food for dinner

 Gwangali Beach

Hauendae Beach

Indian food for dinner

What a lovely four days off with my honey.

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