Saturday, September 10, 2011


Happy Chuseok!  The celebration of Korea’s fall harvest is here again.  At this time most Koreans return to their home towns to pay respect to ancestors and dine with their families.
a Chuseok feast
In my free time (there’s been a lot lately since I haven’t yet begun working) I’ve been wandering around various shops, browsing and window-shopping.  Gift baskets full of everything from Spam to beauty products are wrapped up in bows, just waiting to be gifted to friends, family members, and co-workers in honor of the holiday.

Ryan has Monday and Tuesday off from school due to Chuseok, so we’re just beginning our four-day weekend!  Last year we celebrated with our students, then spent the vacation in Japan.  This year will be less eventful.  We plan to stay in town, see old friends, go for a hike and spend some time at the beach.  We hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

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