Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirty Hours in Fukoka

In order to get our Korean work visas, Ryan and I had to venture out of the country.  Last Thursday morning we headed to the ferry pier and boarded a high speed hydrofoil boat bound for Fukoka.  In three short hours, we had arrived in Japan.

We went straight for some local food.
raw tuna over rice with udon 
udon with shrimp tempura
After applying for our visas, we walked along the beach and stopped for a cool snack.  It was even hotter and more humid than it has been in Busan.  
Fukoka Tower
green tea ice cream
We spent the evening exploring  Fukoka's downtown. 

For dinner we went to "Raumen Stadium" where Ryan made sure to try Fukoka's specialty, pork ramen.  He placed his order at a vending machine.  Soon, it arrived at our table.

I opted for sushi!

But not this one... (fourth from the top)

We loved the walk along the water back to our hotel, taking in the quaint open air restaurants alongside cafes and shops overloaded with cuteness.
lattes topped with animal shapes
Barbie Store!

The next morning we picked up our visas and continued to explore the city.  We strolled through a gorgeous park admiring the local wildlife, then continued on to a peaceful Japanese Garden.

Our last stop was the Fukoka Castle Ruins.  
what a trooper :)

Finally we headed back to the ferry pier to return to Busan.  The departure time had been moved up half an hour earlier.  Once we boarded we realized why.  A tropical storm tossed the ferry around on the rough water for three long hours.  

I was sick the entire time.  Ugh.  No boats for me for awhiiiiile. Luckily my amazing husband took great care of me. 

All in all, a great quick trip to Japan!

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