Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mediterranean Meal

{Are you tired of food posts yet?  My apologies, but when you live in the land of kimchi and rice it can be be pretty exciting when you find some delicious foreign food.}

Last Saturday we had a date night.  After deciding we wanted to take a break from Korean food, Ryan and I evaluated our other options.  Italian food and fried chicken restaurants are prevalent in Busan's busy areas, and at least one Mexican joint has opened since we were last here.  Wanting a change, we headed to one of city's busy university areas and chose a more rare Mediterranean restaurant that came highly recommended.

Spicy lentil soup was served with hobz (a sesame seed bread) to start the meal.

I had a savory falafel wrap served with crinkle cut fries as my main course.
My expression as Ryan's food arrived....

He ordered hwashy, a pita stuffed with lamb and vegetables.  

Delicious hot tea and creamy sutlac (rice pudding) were served for dessert.

We were also able to pick up dry garbonzo beans at the restaurant to make our own hummus.  Thank you mini food processor for making the trip with us to Asia. :)


  1. yummy! :) and i love your new(ish?) background! the blue and white stripes are pretty.

  2. looks delicious! which restaurant is it and where is it? my friends and I are looking for a Mediterranean restaurant to eat at.

  3. Unfortunately this place that was in KSU ended up closing... Kebapistan in PNU is pretty good for Mediterranean food too though!