Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fireworks Festival

Busan's annual fireworks show took place on Saturday.  

Last year's show (which somehow never made it onto the blog besides in the sidebar pictures) was incredible.  The fireworks lasted for nearly an hour and were the most amazing we've seen anywhere in the world.    

For this year's festivities we packed into the subway and headed to the beach with the rest of Busan.  Men in military uniforms were literally directing the crowd onto the train.  Luckily it was a pretty short ride.

  A former co-worker of ours was kind enough to let us tag along to the rooftop of an apartment belonging to a friend of hers.  A heavy rain rolled in right as the show began, but we didn't let that ruin the evening.  We are Oregonians, after all.

It was an amazing show.

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  1. Um that's incredible!! I love fireworks!!! Jealous!