Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Honor of Wednesday

First of all, "Wednesday" is probably the dumbest word in the English language and typing it out makes me angry.  Its spelling makes absolutely no sense, and when I have my kindergarten students help me spell out the date, this one fouls them up nearly every time.  Ryan and I have come to criticize our native language a lot since we began teaching it.
But that's not the point of this post...

When I came across the advice below on pinterest (like most people who find this site, I am also addicted to it) I fell in love.  In fact it was my very first "pin."

I love it because sometimes (and more often that not, all the time) people are too busy.  They're busy going to school, busy working, busy going to meetings and on business trips, busy taking care of families, busy going to the gym and busy being busy.  

The words, "I don't have time," fly out of most people's mouths regularly.  
And that is the point of this post.

Wednesday is often the day where people's momentum begins to slow.  Two long days of the work-week have passed and the weekend is still too far off to be much comfort.  

So in honor of Wednesday I thought I'd remind myself (and you!) that pausing to find the time to do something on this list today, or at least in the near future might help your sanity and well-being.

Perhaps the only person reading who will really be able to do any of these things is my mom, who happened to retire last year (and really, really deserves to do these things after years of being a busy teacher), but I'm hoping everyone else will at least be able to take a short break today, or sometime soon, to "find the time."

I especially love the last two.
I'm putting them on my Wednesday to-do list, and I'll make sure they get done.

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