Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weekend and This Week

On Saturday night, Ryan surprised me with dinner in our old neighborhood at our favorite place.  It was just as delicious as we remembered.

And they played Christmas music!  In English!  Including one of my favorite songs ever.
I was a happy girl.

Next it was on to see Moneyball at the movies.  We had to get the beer and popcorn combo, naturally.

And I made cookie bars for dessert...

Sunday was the coldest day we've had since being back in Busan, but the sun continues to shine and it's DRY.  As Oregonians it still amazes us when more than a few days pass with no rain.  No complaints here.

 We had a fab weekend, but of course we're missing home this week.  Thanksgiving is the best.  Driving to Eugene to visit Ryan's family and then on to a late dinner with my dad's siblings and their kids is one of our favorite annual events.  We had a blast hosting a potluck in Korea in 2010, but this year we're keeping it simple.  On Saturday (no time off for us this week) we'll make and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at home, just the two of us.  Although we're far, far away from our extended families and friends, we have each other and for that we're thankful.
{sunday at the beach}
It's fun to make our own family traditions.  
We hope you're lucky enough to enjoy yours as well.

Happy Thanksgiving week!


  1. happy thanksgiving week to you, too, norah! thank you SO much for that book recommendation. i'm going to powell's after work to buy it! and we do have a name... but we're not sharing it yet. :) you'll know soon enough! xoxo

  2. Beer and the movies must be the BEST combo ever. I thought that was a Portland (McMenamins) thing. I seriously miss it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ryan! We'll be missing you (and Eugene) too!

  3. so happy you found my blog so i now know about yours!!!! and i can follow yalls adventures in asia (which im dying to go see myself!) :)

    hope you have a great thanksgiving week <3