Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's officially the last day of November. 

Autumn is on its way out, with fewer orange and yellow leaves clinging to the trees every day. 

The beginning of December means warmer clothes, signs of the holidays, and hot chocolate for dessert.  Most obviously, December's start means that November (and therefore Movember) has come to an end.

During the month of November Ryan proudly refrained from shaving his mustache in an effort to create conversation and awareness about prostate cancer.  He teamed up with a group of friends here in Busan to raise money for cancer research.  Movember also hopes to motivate men to get regular health exams.  The team Ryan belongs to raised over $1,000.  South Korea as a whole raised nearly $10,000.

I'm very proud of his efforts and the statement he's made.
Day 10
Day 20
 Day 30

Don't worry, (because I know you would) the mustache isn't going anywhere for a few more days.... 
On Friday night all of Busan's Movember participants will gather to be judged on their 'staches.  I'll keep you posted on how Ryan measures up.

It's still not too late to donate to the cause.

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