Thursday, August 23, 2012

All in a Weekend

We had a whirlwind weekend.  Maybe it's because I know that there are only a few more to be had before we're out of here, but I've been packing in the plans. 

We had dinner out every night with our dearest friend during her last weekend in Korea, took a lovely hike back to Seokbulsa (many more photos to come) and spent an evening (and into the early morning) on the beach saying goodbye.

Sangria with the girls
Saturday morning Peanut butter pancakes made by Ryan
 The view of this lovely city from our hike

Safe travels Jen!

 On Sunday I delved into the nooks and crannies of one of my favorite areas in Busan after a hearty brunch with a friend at a homey cafe.

We were beyond exhausted when Monday morning rolled around, and were dragging our heels as we started one of our busiest weeks in awhile, but it was definitely worth the enjoyment of the weekend.


Annnnd my best friend is in Korea!  We are reuniting tomorrow morning, almost exactly one year from the day she drove us to the airport when Ryan and I boarded our flight back to Busan.  

I sense it's going to be another amazing weekend. (:

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