Thursday, August 2, 2012

West Coast Camping

Over the weekend we took a much needed vacation.  We had Monday and Tuesday off, and decided that camping would be a nice way to spend our extra time.

It has been HOT here.  Think 90 degrees and 70% humidity.  Eww.  I knew we needed to be near water, so we set out to research Korea's many beaches and found the perfect spot on the peninsula's west coast.

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed to the bus station, loaded down with all the camping essentials.  Three bus transfers, three small towns, two popsicles and a looong time later we were dropped off here:

We walked towards the distant pine forest which hid the beach from view.  After a hot walk we finally reached the trees, our eyes scanning the area for a free spot.  To our dismay it appeared that a few (hundred) other people had the same idea we did.... and their cars had transported them there much earlier in the day.
At first it appeared we'd be unable to find a spot.  But at the end of the long pine forest we found the perfect out of the way spot to set up camp. 

For the next two and a half days we lounged on the beach, drank cold beer, read books and relaxed under the shady pine trees.  Ryan impressed our fellow campers with his slacklining skills. 
Since living in Busan I have become a real beach addict.  I already miss the ocean waves lulling me to sleep. 

By Sunday many of our camp neighbors cleared out.  It was nice to have the place more to ourselves.  Unfortunately the scout camp remained, insisting on a 6 am wake-up song.  We took midday siestas under the pines.

It was inadvertently our first camping trip just the two of us.  And it was a great one.

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