Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clam Diggin'

While camping last weekend, we quickly realized that Gosapo Beach is full of clams.  Small ones were all around us as we swam.  In low tide we noticed  people everywhere digging up razors.

Ryan quickly found the essentials needed for the job: a shovel and some salt, and got clamming.

Step 1: Scrape away the top layer of sand.
Step 2: Find a razor clam hole and pour salt in it.
Step 3: Wait for the clam to come to the surface.
Step 4: Dig it out of its hole.
Step 5: Cook and enjoy!

I relaxed in the water as everyone around me dug up clams.

Here's a video I took of Ryan in action:

The clams were a bit sandy, but still a nice accompaniment to our dinner.  
Missing our beach weekend already!

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